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Akela THE Bombay High Court has directed Mumbai Police to conduct an enquiry against “Builder-420” Vikas Oberoi.A controversial real estate developer Vikas Oberoi is accused of misguiding Bombay High Court and committing offences of cheating and forgery of valuable government security like stamp papers.

On January 8, 2015 the justices bench of Bombay High Court Ranjit More and Anuja Prabhudesai directed (copy available with ABI) Mumbai Police to initiate preliminary enquiry into the matter in which petitioner Santosh Pathak has demanded to register FIR against builder Vikas Oberoi.During the pendency of the suit Vikas Oberoi sold the flat to one Rahul Suri (again controversial nephew of business tycoon Neeraj Kochar of Viraj industries and as per information available on net Rahul Suri is prosecuted and convicted to one year imprisonment in the case of corporate espionage by Italian Court).Thereafter Rahul Suri sold the said flat to Ajit Rajnikant Pancholi of HSBC in sham and bogus transaction.Acting on Patel’s suit, the Bombay High Court reserved (sealed) another flat (E-806) of same cost – same area, in same project.“I have been appointed as investigation officer into the matter.I will start investigation soon,” said Sheetal Gaikwad, Police Sub-Inspector, Borivali police station.

[Adsense Here] Businessman Santosh Pathak had filed petition in Bombay High Court demanding action against Vikas Oberoi, advocate Birendra Saraf and others.

On October 13, 2014 ABI ( has carried an article under headline “” According to story Santosh Pathak (40), a businessman from Suburban Mumbai, a resident of Goregaon (East) on June 19, 2014 complained (copy available with ABI) against Vikas Oberoi, Advocate Birendra Saraf, Hariyani and Company-Advocates and Solicitors and NRI Ajit Rajnikant Pancholi to Commissioner of Police, Borivali police station and Azad Maidan police station seeking immediate action.

Months passed but police failed to take any action as all accused are influential persons. Even Patel had paid half (50%) of the flat cost but suddenly Oberoi cancelled the flat without any prior notice.

The accused Vikas Oberoi is a billionaire, Advocate Birendra Saraf is son of retired high court Judge and Secretary of Bombay Bar Association and Ajit Rajnikant Pancholi is engineer (Systems) of HSBC bank in Dubai, UAE. Oberoi had adopted (always adopts) mischievous idea to earn the money.

The allegation A Surat (Gujarat) based businessman Jagdishbhai Kanjibhai Patel (48) has booked a flat (A-1003) in Oberoi Splendor, JVLR, Andheri (East) projects in 2007. As the real estate market gone high up he created dummy flat purchasers like -Rahul Suri and Ajit Rajnikant Pancholi- and used bogus sale purchase agreements.

Since dispute arose, Jagdishbhai Patel filed suit (No-403/2012) against M/S Oberoi Reality and others.

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