Updating data in a view oracle

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Updating data in a view oracle - Free Online

A view is a named and validated SQL query which is stored in the Oracle data dictionary.

Views are useful for security and information hiding, but can cause problems if nested too deeply.Some of the advantages of using views: One can perform DML operations directly against simple views.These DML changes are then applied to the view's base table.Complex views can be constructed on more than one base table.In particular, complex views can contain: One cannot perform DML operations against complex views directly.To enable DML operations on complex views one needs to write INSTEAD OF triggers to tell Oracle how the changes relate to the base table(s).

Examples: The WITH CHECK OPTION clause specifies the level of checking to be done when doing DML against the view.

If specified, every row that is inserted, updated or deleted through the view must conform to the definition of the view.

hi, i have 2 user defined variables one as integer and the other as string in my SSIS package.

am using these variables to update a row in one of the oracle tables I have. Can anyone please suggest a way to resolve this issue and update the row.

update A set [email protected] where sudit='" + @audit + "' I declared @rows as Int32.

The SQL UPDATE VIEW command can be used to modify the data of a view. The view is defined based on one and only one table. The view must include the PRIMARY KEY of the table based upon which the view has been created. The view should not have any field made out of aggregate functions. The view must not have any DISTINCT clause in it's definition. The view must not have any GROUP BY or HAVING clause in it's definition. The view must not have any SUBQUERIES in it's definitions. If the view you want to update is based upon another view, the later should be updatable. Any of the selected output fields (of the view) must not use constants, strings or value expressions.

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