Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

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Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard - Adult Chat Rooms

This item is now currently unavailable on Tiger Direct.But you can verify this information for yourself at the link below.

Edp No=5675414&csid=ITD&body=WARRANTY#tabs Again, if you are someone who has purchased this motherboard from this particular seller then you ARE covered by Before purchasing a motherboard be sure to research the product and ask the seller if it is New/Retail, Refurbished, Open Box, or OEM.If you are someone who has purchased this motherboard from this particular seller then you ARE covered by motherboard from a certain seller on e Bay, then you might be a victim of fraud. A At other places you would have to buy all cables and connects separately. Also contains registration card for the manufacture warranty. You can also check if this particular motherboard is new or refurbished simply by looking on the side of the box where the UPC code would normally be. You might be thinking " come with a 90 day warranty.This particular seller has listed all of these motherboards as NEW in the auction TITLE and in the DESCRIPTION. As an example of this, you could have purchased this SAME refurbished motherboard -XFX 790I Ultra - from the reputable online retailer Tiger Direct for only $89.97, in a "new" box, with all of the accessories.But they are not new, they are REFURBISHED / USED motherboards. You would have also had the OPTION to purchase a 2 year extended warranty for $27.98, if you had purchased it from them.e Bay states that a NEW item is one that is: " " This particular seller even states in the auction: Brand new! So for a grand total of only $117.95, you could have gotten the EXACT same motherboard, with a longer warranty, with free shipping!If it IS New/Retail, be sure that it is a Closed, Sealed, or Never Opened Box.

If the box has been opened ( for the seller to take pictures ) be SURE that the seller tells you this in the auction.

And that in the listing it states that ALL accessories (cables, wires, drivers disc, manual, etc)ARE included in the auction and that the motherboard IS still covered by a FULL warranty.

I do not like it when people try to take advantage of myself or others. Included accessories: 1394a (firewire) plate with cable (1 port) USB 2.0 plate with cable (4 ports) 6 XFX branded straight-to-right-angle SATA cables XFX branded ATA/133 (IDE) cable with 2 connectors XFX branded floppy cable 2 XFX branded molex to 2x SATA adapters Chipset cooling fan 2-way SLI bridge 3-way SLI bridge But then later on, at the BOTTOM of some of his listings he adds the following: .

I have notified e Bay concerning the particular seller of these motherboards that this guide is about. Now those who are "tech savvy" will see this and know that this is a refurbished and not a new motherboard.

I have written this guide, containing this information, to warn others before buying from him. I will Put original box in a second box along with additional packing materials . This is because all NEW motherboards come with a 1-3 year warranty and NOT a 90 day warranty.

And to hopefully notify those who may have already purchased this item from him, that they have been taken advantage of, are the victims of "false advertising", and a fraudulent listing, because they were sold a refurbished / used motherboard. But those who are not "tech savvy" may not realize this. That is where you register your motherboard with XFX for your warranty and to get driver and BIOS updates.

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