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I have always considered myself a skeptic, but after listening to over 100 episodes in a row, I now realize that I was only a hack.

Dunning, I have been a huge fan of Skeptoid since I first heard your first episode, I'm not entirely sure where I first heard of you podcast, but it may have been, which I love.Your episodes have given me a fantastic dose of reality in a world dominated by sensationalism and insanity.I do not intend to overreact here, I am being completely serious.I find that modern culture is suffused with nonsense and ill-informed information.Your podcasts have given me a refreshing look on the world and have taught me the basics of critical thought.I count your podcast, along with Astronomy Cast, as my favorite weekly escapes to reality.

I really hope you acknowledge and appreciate my email.

My entire purpose here has been to express my appreciation and thankfulness for your program. Thanks for your hard work.- Kevin Foster, Seattle, WAI have just found the website, then I couldn't stop reading and listening to one episode after the other.

Your programs are carefully investigated, thoughtfully constructed, and intelligently produced. I like them for the popcorn which is exactly why you are right to have removed them lol. I just wish I could contribute with money, I'll certainly do it as soon as I can.

I am in your debt, sir, in a very real way, because the thoughtful process behind your show shines through in your excellent product. I'll be , however, following the page closely and always share and let everyone know of its contents whenever possible.

Thank you.- Tim Hostetter, Littleton, Colorado Never seen this site before. Congratulations, Hope you can keep up the good work.

And thank you for allowing me to learn for free.- Denise Coelho, So Paulo, Brazil Thanks Brian for such a well done podcast.

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    It is essential to additionally bear in mind that they do without a doubt have concerns in organizing visas for several nations. Russian females are extremely useful in both hunting for a partner and also assessing their partnership. Do you wish to know just what they are brought in to?

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    You have an option to select an image to be shown in the search results, you should be changing that picture around every week.

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    I did that, met a few, had a girlfriend from Germany for about a year, but I also received a couple interests from Russian women (which turned out to be scams). The final of the story was dramatic and hit pages of newspapers all over the world. Click here A short while ago I found the black list, shown here.