Sav 10 server not updating

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Sav 10 server not updating - Free Online

The interesting part is switching the Management server for the clients. What we do (or are in the process of doing) is the following: 1) Remove the old SAV/NAV There is a utility that Symantec has on their website that will do this.

OPEN CALL: If you have experiences to share on this topic, let us know.SERVER Side: We just deployed SAV CE 10 and have had a few issues on our Net Ware servers.The server side seems to be a bit flaky, make sure to un-install any old versions of SAV CE on a Net Ware server before installing the new version, then install the new version as a fresh install in a new server group. CLIENT Side: I deployed SAV through ZENworks for Desktops by running the that came with SAV with the following commands: This ran a totally silent install of the SAV client on the workstation.If you don't, the "upgrade" will hang and the server will show as disabled in the system console and you will probably get an abend in RTVSCAN. See this link for Symantec's response to the issue. The ZENworks application I used to deploy checked to see if the "C:\Program Files\Symantec Anti Virus\Do Scan.exe" file existed on the local drive, if it did NOT then the application would run. EXE file is new with SAV 10 so the application would upgrade older versions of SAV and install on systems that did not have SAV installed at all.I have also had a number of problems with servers disappearing from the server group in the Symantec console and having to un-install and re-install SAV to the Net Ware server. We have had very good success with the client side with only one small issue.The SAV client installs with a default "Quick Scan" on system startup. What is nice is that it is aware of Win 9x, and 2K and XP (the paths are different for each OS).

Now this scan can be anything but "Quick" so you will want to remove it. I didn't discover this issue until we had deployed it out to most of our workstations so I made a ZENworks app to push the registry changes out to fix the problem. Using ZENworks for Desktops to push it out is pretty easy. We obviously use ZENworks for Desktops to push out SAV.

Even with these issues I really like having the real time spyware and adware protection, we've cleaned up a lot of workstations on our network since deploying SAV 10. We have been running the 10 installer right over top 8.0 or 9.0 clients. DAT file from the server you want the client to attach to, and drop the file in: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition\7.5 for Win XP clients. We have had nothing but troubles with SAV until this version which appears to be leaps and bounds better.

wrote: I've read the nice article 'Pushing out Mc Afee Virus Scan 8.0' - it is really helpful.

I was wondering if you could open a new thread with a similar - but yet different subject - 'Pushing out Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition 10.0' - using ZENworks of course.

Symantec has zero (yes, zero) articles regarding the deployment procedure of SAV CE (=for clients) 10.0 .

Maybe Cool Solutions will soon have more info about this issue than Symantec does.

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