Pxe configuration utility updating

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Pxe configuration utility updating - Free Online

With one simple click of the mouse it is possible to turn on and turn off a device remotely on the network, this can also be done at specific times using the Task Scheduler.

Configure the manager to use a combination of ICMP, TCP, and UDP network protocols to optimize device discovery across various networks.The primary view is an explorer-like interface containing a tree view of device groups.A list view details each 10Zi G device with status icons indicating each device's power state and information regarding network connection and various hardware specifications.Toolbar buttons and right-click context menu items allow you perform numerous management tasks such as rebooting devices, updating device firmware, updating client agent software, and retrieving and sending client configurations.Drag and drop functionality allows organizing thin clients into logical groups based on physical location or divisional criteria for ease of management and monitoring.Optionally, populate groups automatically based on IP address range.

Perform common operations, configure settings, and configure supported applications on groups and/or individually selected clients.

10Zi G Manager supports remote rebooting, shutting down, and powering on devices by use of Wake-On-LAN.

Install the management software on any Windows PC or server in minutes.

Only one instance of the 10Zi G Manager Server is necessary to monitor and maintain all 10Zi G thin clients, whether on the same local network or remote WAN connections.

The manager service runs in the background, providing automated device discovery and centralized storage of thin client settings and application configurations.

Specify IP address ranges or subnets for the 10Zi G manager to search for new devices, and configure the manager to poll for device status automatically at a given interval, or initiate discovery manually with a click on the toolbar button.

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