Psychological insecurities within dating and relationships

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Psychological insecurities within dating and relationships - Sex Chat

For some people, a mere favorite on a tweet has the power to be interpreted as flirting.

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A “soft breakup” occurs since social media is prominent for many.“The soft breakup gives us a new way of saying, ‘I don’t want to date you, but let’s try to be friends,’” clinical psychologist Galena Rhoades said.However, social media activity might further propel emotional turmoil.It may poke and prod at what’s already beneath the surface.Nicky Lidbetter, CEO of Anxiety UK, noted in a 2012 article that for those already prone to anxiety, “it seems that the pressures from technology act as a tipping point, making people feel more insecure and more overwhelmed.”In an article in the University Daily Kansan, Anissa Fritz discusses the correlation between social media and jealousy in relationships for college-aged couples.“Social media is now a breeding ground for distrust in relationships,” she noted.“If your significant other has hundreds of Twitter followers, and many of them are opposite sex, getting jealous over something as trivial as having a social media account is not so far-fetched.So much weight is placed on favorites, retweets, likes and comments.Speculations regarding social media’s psychological impact are prevalent.

Such psychological effects may pertain to happiness or self-esteem.

And in regards to romantic relationships, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also may increase feelings of insecurity. They may stem from past baggage (I’m certainly familiar with that concept).

Maybe they’re from a lack of trust in the current relationship.

Social media can spawn reconnections with an ex and create opportunities for contact — possibly fueling anxiety for the new partner.“Rhoades hears clients voice fears of being left for the ex who hovers electronically,” the article stated.

“Not every concern is dire, but it’s worrisome enough to feel that ‘your partner may be sharing things that are not shared with you.’”Is there a resolution to this insecurity?

Open and honest communication within the relationship is always a plus (and a cathartic release).

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