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Jane Goodall herself found the cartoon funny and was not offended, although her organization had originally demanded a retraction and apology from Larson.Larson's observations are primarily aimed at the silliness and stupidity of the human race.

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" can still be found on greeting cards, calendars, and in books.His wry and insightful sense of humor appeals to many.A great number of people were disappointed when Larson decided to retire from regular publishing, although his work lives on.Larson enjoys a huge fan base of people who love his jokes.About Larson Growing Up He was born in Tacoma, Washington, just south of Seattle, in 1950.Not surprisingly, he had a love for science growing up, which is reflected in many of his cartoons that poke fun at scientists and other educated people. The usual butts of his jokes range from scientists, cows, dinosaurs, dogs, chickens, deer, devils, to, well, regular people.

He claims that his older brother "tormented" him, which in turn gave him a unique paranoia. Larson's cartoons are never outwardly political or religious.

Larson says that the paranoia creeps into his work -- especially his drawings of monsters.. The biggest controversy he ever stirred up was in relation to a cartoon that he published that referenced the "tramp" Jane Goodall, in a chimpanzee cartoon.

The Council is keen to inform people about the work of the Council and developments with the Royal Commission.

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