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He asks for meetings to clear his name, and to get off the so-called 'kill list', Reprieve say.

Mr Jalal, whose role as an intermediary in settling disputes is recognised by the Pakistani government, told the BBC: 'I had a special role to improve security and we were making progress and that’s why I think American targeted us.I came close to being bombed four times, so in the end I realised they were on to me.'I have had to leave Waziristan.In my own family there are six people who are mentally destabilised because of the strikes.In Waziristan there are more than 400,000 people who have mental problems because of the drones. The letter details the prior attempts on his life, and the impact on him, his family and his colleagues in the NWPC.This is a timeline of Pakistani history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in Pakistan and its predecessor states.To read about the background to these events, see History of Pakistan.

See also the list of Presidents of Pakistan and list of Prime Ministers of Pakistan and the list of years in Pakistan.

Although the modern day Pakistan, the land of Indus, emerged on the world map as a new nation-state in 1947 this area has a very long history that goes back over thousands of years and it is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited regions.

The Indus Valley was known as Meluhha in Mesopotamia when the Harappan civilization was thriving here.

When the Aryan tribes came and settled down in the upper Indus valley in the middle of the second millennium BC they called it Sapta-Sindhu (the land of seven rivers).

Now this Indus land is called Pakistan which is an acronym composed from the initial letters of the name of its provinces namely, Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Indus, Sindh and the last three letters of Balochistan.

'On kill list': Malik Jalal (pictured right on Radio 4) has flown to Britain from Waziristan, on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, and appeared on national radio asking the US and UK governments not to kill him Targets: British law enforcement and intelligence services have helped draw up an extra-judicial ‘kill list’ to assassinate the world’s most wanted terrorists and drug smugglers in foreign countries, it has been claimed The aim of the group is said to be to attempt to bring peace between the Taliban and Government of Pakistan - but, according to the human rights charity Reprieve, Western intelligence agents believe the NWPC allows the Taliban a safe haven in Waziristan.

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    Security will be "enhanced" at the "low secure" mental health unit where a paranoid schizophrenic stabbed a healthcare assistant to death after it emerged he was already a double killer serving a life sentence.

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