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The devotees to niche dating don't believe in any of that.

How long before you Farmers Only is inundated and ruined by hipsters?Or what happens when people who join Gluten Free Singles only consider gluten-free as the seventh most important thing in their mates?Heck, you may have to go out and actually meet someone.Patrick Maignan, a robust gray-haired farmer, lives alone on his farm, surrounded only by the freshly plowed wheat fields of this lonely corner of northern France.And in all honesty, it isn't that far removed from adoring that one obscure punk band that your record store didn't have and then discovering a whole message board dedicated to that band.And that specification of potential mates has resulted in thriving sites like Gluten Free Singles, Atlasphere (a site where Ayn Rand fans find love with one another), Trek Passions (fans), Sea Captain Date (mariners), and Pounced (furry fandom).

The obvious question is whether or not these people are missing out on really awesome people in their lives by narrowing down potential loves to one or two traits.

And what happens to opposites attracting or meeting someone by chance?

Sorry, to break your gluten-free, urban-farming, cat-loving, Ayn Rand-worshiping hearts, but your precious niche dating sites and picky dating habits are now mainstream.

The rise of niche dating sites like Farmers Only (self explanatory) gets the trend piece treatment from T writes, highlighting the mind-numbing statistic that Farmers Only has over 100,000 users.

One hundred-thousand farmers looking for other farmers to love speaks to the beauty of the Internet.

Being able to specify one trait that you want to find in a potential partner, and finding people who do the same in some corner of the Internet, is now a reality.

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