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by David Thomas Bradford Allied families include: Allen, Allgood, Barker, Bishop, Bryan, Carlisle, Cornett, English, Higgs, Hudspeth, Kittrell, Klein, Mann, Masden, Mattingly, Mayfield, Murphy, Nenninger, Pace, Perry, Smith, Taylor, Traynor, Tudor, Ward, Welch, White, Wierwille and Worland Copyright 1993 By David Thomas Bradford All rights reserved. Those ancors played a role in giving me life, the greatest gift of all.Permission to reproduce in any form must be secured from the author. My gift in return, limited as it may be, is the immortality that comes with enshrining the memory of them in the following pages.

For that reason, I have meshed the information I have learned about my ancestornerahistorical facts to paint a reasonably accurate portrait of their lives. I wanted to walk a mile in their shoes, to see life through their eyes. It is not, however, a complete genealogy of all branches of my Bradford family tree. Nor is this purely a genealogical work, since my goal was not merely to learn the names of my ancestors, but also to learn about them as individuals. Bradford Mary Ann Drusilla (Carlisle) Bradford George Lee and Florence Bradford and family Ann Rosalia "Nan" (Bradford) Bryan Ella and Charlie Bishop Charles Harold and George Bishop Anna Mae and Charles Mattingly Ernie Bradford, et al Buck, Mary and Bertram Bradford - 1 -- 2 Ollie and Agnes Bradford Ollie and Agnes Bradford's children, with spouses Buck and Nina Bradford and family 1993 Family Addition Photos - 1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4 -- 5 -- 6 -- 7 Map of Granville County, North Carolina This book compiles the surviving scattered shreds of information relating to my Bradford ancestors. Buck and Nina, et al Epilogue Some 1993 Family Additions Surname Index Map of Virginia (1651) Map of Charles City County 1650 Pamphlet by Abraham Wood and others Belle Air Plantation 1710 Charles City County Tax Petition John Branch Bacon's Rebellion Loyalty Oath of the Justices of the Peace, Sheriff and Grand Jury of Charles City County Loyalty Oath of the Militia Officers of Charles City County Map showing the Bradfords' Charles City County Plantation Meeting during the Great Revival George W.This book focuses primarily on my male Bradford ancestors.

It focuses mainly on Bradford ancestors, not because those ancestors are more important than any others (all ancestors are equally important to their descendants), but because time and resources force me to limit the scope of my work (i.e., Richard Bradford is one of my 1,024 great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents).

He just got lucky: of all those ancestors, it is his name that I carry.

Like many, I have spent nights looking up and wondering who I am, why I am here, where I am going and -- most importantly -- where I am supposed to be going.

It occurred to me that, perhaps, I could find the answers to some of those questions by learning where I came from. Now, after completing my work, I feel as if I know Bradford ancestors who lived and died hundreds of years ago.

After you read this book, you too will know, among others, Richard the immigrant, Philemon the land speculator and the unfortunate Elijah.

In some ways, the story of my family, despite -- indeed because of -- its distinctly common, unspectacular progression over the last 350 years, like the story of many other families, is really a story about America.

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