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Two ladies drenched their friend with cum from their strapons.Before making it to Shreveport, you bounced around quite a bit, right? When you see talent out there, everybody tries to work together. Now it's kinda getting back to "Well, yeah, she's fine, but what else is there? It's kind of expected for a female to rap about how good her brain game is. That would actually be incorrect for them to say that because that's somebody that I actually partnered with. From there I think people really see that I can actually rap, that I''m an actual lyricist and not just I can swag rap. Young Nisa: Yeah, I went to school out in Florida: I was in Orlando for a lil' bit. They're not charging you, they're like, "Let's do it." And then once the money starts coming in then, okay, we can break bread. You can get on Hot 107.9 if you build a relationship with the right people. Note: There's never been a MAJOR self-made female of the NEWER GENERATIONS.] You would have to go back to the old, but the game wasn't as sexist. As a matter of fact, what they don't know is when I was down here by myself, he was the main person playing my record because he liked it that much. Then I was in Atlanta for a lil' bit, then I came here. It's people that I ran across in Atlanta that's not, so that kinda motivates me , like, um, Bob? A lot of DJ's started from the bottom, so they kinda know [the grind]. I don't care what it is, I'll try it because I only one life. Shifting to females in the game, I don't care what female you throw at me - Da Brat, Nicki, Foxy, Kim - every female came on the back of a dude. When you look at my promotion and the co-sign's that I'm getting, hey, that ain't D Redd. Maybe a year or so after high school, I ended up leaving [Columbus, Ohio]. I mean, Columbus is a big city, but they ain't got nothing going on but some killing. You know, if you don't try, you ain't gon' have no story. It'll be like that same cat in the 'hood - you leave for five years and come back to him doing the same thing he was doing when you left. It's those things that's different that I kinda wish would go on out here. So I started doing mix shows, like when we used to really do mix shows. With Corporate, you got somebody that's looking at it like money. I would love to play "Ratchet Girl" [by Southern Made Entertainment]. But people would say that because I'm a girl, he's a guy. Tell us about when I started tweeting about it; it was just an idea. A diamond is one of the world's most precious jewels, if not the most precious. Young Nisa''s Black Diamonds Available Now On i Tunes!!!

A product of heat and pressure, and polished to perfection, the diamond is an accessory that many the world over want to have in their possession. The heated topic of the wasteland that is female rap and the pressure to gain respect in light (or rather darkness) of those from that said wasteland has produced a resilient young woman who refuses to be a stranger to adversity. Him, Bob-- we used to all run in the same circles, do a lot of the talent showcases. Shreveport's independent scene is not supportive of each other.

On the day of the much applauded release for her latest effort – the mixtape Black Diamonds – Nisa held court with The Realness And I remember when Bob had that song called "Cloud 9". You getting your lil' fame." now he's got grammy nominations. What are your thoughts on how Atlanta does things and how Shreveport does things? I can go back to what I was saying about Bob and Willy Joe. And girls be like, "That's how I be feeling, too." But you gotta be smart about how to do it.

In an empty sound room of a radio station, the woman who doubles as a late night jock broke it down about being in foreign land, the conundrum of being in the music community and working for radio, lack of local support amongst artists, and reaffirming the existence of an independent woman. When Willy Joe was hot doing showcases, Bob was talking about him, supporting him. With this being the age of the independent woman, what do you have to say in response to some who say you started out as an independent woman but have since latched on to DJ D Redd for support? Correct me if I''m wrong, but your previous effort wasn''t a physical release, correct? It was just something I had just put out there, and it kinda caught wind.

And I think a lot of artists don't know how to build the correct relationships, and I'm glad I was on the opposite side first before I even approached doing a project, because I learned how to approach certain DJ's or how to network correctly, how to have my packaging together correctly. So if you never see that and you see the same thing everyday, that's all you gon' know. Well, I said I wasn't going to do music, but if it's in you, it's in you. Then there was a slot open on Sunday afternoon from twelve to four. With you being in radio, have you seen any dark sides that you didn't see as an mc? You think maybe the fucked up thing about radio was Corporate America stepping in? You're putting a price on our music - which is what it's supposed to be - but you don't care what the people want.

If you got out to Atlanta, you gon' see Black people driving Bentleys, BMW's. So the first thing I thought about was, Okay, how am I going to meet the people I need to meet? So what I did when I came down here, I used my education to get me through the door. I was trying to do just board op, and they let me on the street team. I ain't gon' get into specifics, but the way the music is put out to the people and the importance of the music, it kinda hurt my heart. You don't care that I get maybe 8 calls a week requesting "Shoulder Jerk" [by the SJ Boyz].

And a lot of people won't understand that's why you don't hear certain songs. And then it could be a lot of the DJ's faults for taking money.

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