Kpop scandal dating

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Kpop scandal dating - Online sex

Rumors began when Victoria uploaded a photo of a home-cooked meal and Changmin's face reflected off the spoon in the photo.

The two stirred the rumor pot when they were both snapped eating at a cafe and walking out smiling, which in the eyes of netizens means only one thing-these two are madly in love and they can't contain it anymore so they went to go drink coffee together to talk about their feelings and emotions.The two have both denied their love connection to the fullest and have assured SONES and HOTTEST everywhere that they are certainly not an item. No one wants to talk about it, but we're talking about it because people are overreacting and it's always fun to call folks out when they act overtly dramatic about a situation.Back in November, sweet-faced IU tweeted a photo of herself and Super Junior's Eunhyuk.The photo was scandalous because it looked like Eunhyuk was shirtless and the two were situated comfortably on a bed.As previously reported, SCANDAL are due to embark on a World Tour in 2015 – and one of those dates will include London.The tour is the back of new album「HELLO WORLD」which features the singles ‘Departure’, ‘Yoake no Ryuseigun’ and ‘Image’ and is due for release on 3rd December.

The confirmed dates are: 4/25:Le Bataclan, Paris, France 4/26:The Islington Academy, London, UK 5/10:Wall, Taiwan 5/29:Macpherson Stadium, Hong Kong Tickets for the UK concert are due to go on sale from 26th November.

When you put females and males into any form of arena or tight corridors, there's bound to be love sparks and hormones flying all over the place.

When two idols are rumored to be dating, fans get right to work and do an impeccable job in researching/stalking photos of various idols to see if the rumors are true.

The stalking is thorough and since photos don't lie, today we're going to take a look at some of the idols who we know have kindled a romance in the past.

f(x)'s Victoria and TVXQ's Changmin riled up fans when rumors of the two dating exploded in the K-pop atmosphere.

Netizens went straight to the Internet and dug up photos of the two carrying the same purple bear cellphone keychain, dragging around similar suitcases, and holding hands backstage.

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