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Kinect video chat girls - Sex Chat

Kinect also includes the ability for owners to use hand gestures from the couch to signal the console that you want to fast-forward through a video, for example, or navigate through Xbox 360′s interface.You can also say commands: “Xbox PLAY; Xbox STOP; Xbox MUSIC.” In addition, Kinect provides TV video chat functionality with up to four people via Xbox LIVE or MSN Messenger.

In the video below, at , you get a glimpse of hand gesture media control in action.Opening with a magical Cirque du Soleil performance on Sunday night attended by Hollywood’s freshest faces, Microsoft gave the transformation of home entertainment a name: Kinect for Xbox 360.Then, kicking off the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Xbox 360 today invited the world to dance, hurdle, soar and make furry friends for life — all through the magic of Kinect — no controller required.“With ‘Kinectimals’ and ‘Kinect Sports,’ ‘Your Shape: Fitness Evolved’ and ‘Dance Central,’ your living room will become a zoo, a stadium, a fitness room or a dance club.Updated: Added E3 video from Microsoft’s Kinect demo + specs diagram + official press release.UPDATE 1: Demos are being shown live right now (11am PT) at

Availability: November 4th with 15 Kinect titles at launch.

Also, the new, slimmer, all black $299 Xbox 360 will hit store shelves next week — includes 802.11n, 250GB HDD. UPDATE 3: Leaked pricing shows Kinect will sell for $149.99 (even less when bundled) LOS ANGELES — June 14, 2010 — Get ready to Kinect to fun entertainment for everyone. today capped off a two-day world premiere, complete with celebrities, stunning physical dexterity, and news from a galaxy far, far away, to reveal experiences that will transform living rooms in North America, beginning Nov. Kinect will roll out to the rest of the world thereafter.

You may have heard the news this morning that Microsoft has a unveiled a new gaming controller on the eve of the E3 expo called Kinect (previously known as Project Natal - event highlights).

The new controller tracks the movement of a player(s) via the use of cameras on a TV webcam-like device.

It’s pretty ingenious — and I’m sure will drive downstairs apartment neighbors nuts.

However, there’s more to Kinect than just gameplay that fits in nicely into the connected home.

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