John cena mickie james dating real life

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John cena mickie james dating real life - Online sex

Kenn Doane, formerly Kenny Dykstra and Kenny from the Spirit Squad, has continued dishing dirt via Twitter regarding John Cena and Mickie James’ relationship years ago.Doane, who at one point was engaged to James, says he discovered she had been cheating on him with the Cenation leader when he oversaw her online searching rumors concerning her act of infidelity. well u know.” Cena’s relationship with James resulted in Doane being transferred from Raw—where Cena and James resided—to Smack Down.

“She was googling mickie james and john cena dating. Doane attributes James’ WWE success during her relationship with Cena to the wrestling megstar.The two remained ‘friends’ as late as May 2009, two months before Cena married his high school sweetheart, Liz Huberdeau.He also corroborated online reports that James was transferred from Raw to Smack Down in November 2009 because she was unable to cope with Cena breaking up with her, thus forcing organization officials to separate the two from each other at work.The move led to her being saddled with the unfavorable ‘Piggy James’ moniker and her contract being terminated in April 2010. Serves her well though.” He continues, “She wanted to date him, he said no, she flipped out backstage which led to her demise.” Doane echoed in another response, “When they were together she got the title, TV roles.“He was messing with MJ so I got moved to Smackdown so they could further mess. When MJ got crazy because he wouldn’t date her, she then got fired. When he dumped her she became Piggy James, then fired.” Doane also clarifies that Cena and James didn’t actually date; but rather, ‘they were hooking up.’ He also alleges that Cena lied to Huberdeau about his relationship with James: “He denied it all to [her].” He also feels Cena resents him for disclosing his relationship with James to management. A Twitter user asked Doane what right he has to air his former co-workers’ dirty laundry.But it doesn’t matter to me.” Despite his airing of Cena’s dirty laundry, Doane says he likes him.

Multi-dimensional personality Mickie James (net worth- $4 million US dollars) is best known as one of the most influential American professional female wrestler of 2000's era.

Her wrestling success credits goes to her ability to be successful in both protagonist (face) and antagonist (heel) roles in the wrestling world.

“I made mention of him sleeping with MJ and he probably thought I wouldn’t say anything. He responds, “What they do is their biz, but it’s also mine when it effects my career and life.” Doane proclaimed several times to his followers that he is being honest with all of his statements as he has no reason to lie.

Now that he’s settled with another career, he doesn’t care whether he’s blackballed from WWE. “Truthfully I do like john, but if u ask me a question im gonna answer it truthfully.

“If I spoke out it would have ruined my chance of returning to WWE,” he explains why he’s coming out with these heavy statements after many years.

“Now I’m set with what I’m doing and don’t care if I get banned.” He adds, “I’m ruining any chance of a WWE return by doing this I’m sure.

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