Is being intimidating good or bad

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Is being intimidating good or bad - Sex Chat

I haven’t seen my evaluations from last term yet, though I’m sure they’ll arrive in my inbox any day now (we’ve recently switched to online evaluations, which has added a new layer of complications and made the results even less robust than before).I have seen last year’s, however, and they were the usual blend of enthusiasm and disdain, gratitude and offense.

And, again as usual, what I’ve tried to focus on in them is not the outliers (good or bad) but any pattern of feedback (I last year.There are also a lot of students in first year, including some who consider themselves prospective English majors, who are more used to “expressing themselves” in English classes than learning specialized vocabulary and using it for well-reasoned critical analysis — who are surprised, that is, to find themselves faced with intellectually strenuous tasks and high standards.There are also, of course, students whose previous preparation — or just whose attitude and expectations — make them quite prepared to work and think hard, but they are typically outnumbered.As a result, I usually start out emphasizing the of the course.The tone I aim for is cheerful but uncompromising, about the logistics of the course (requirements, deadlines, policies, etc.) but also, and more importantly, about the skills and content it aims to teach.The message I seek to convey is quite simple: It is possible to do a better or a worse job of literary analysis.

The goal of this class is to help you do a better job, which means both reading better (a matter of both knowledge and skills) and writing better (again, a matter of both knowledge and skills).

It’s hard work, but it’s also fun and creative and important work (because the classroom is far from the only place we read, or write). I am passionate and enthusiastic about it, and I hope you will be too, but at the end of the day it’s not about what you .

I did find one, and it was something I hadn’t seen before: a number of comments from students in my section of our first-year “Introduction to Literature” class who felt I was “intimidating.” It wasn’t by any means a unanimous perspective, but enough students used that very word to give me food for thought.

Now, I should say that I don’t consider it an altogether bad thing that some of my students found me or my course intimidating.

To a certain extent, that was the effect I was going for, at least at the start of term.

This is because I have run into enough Intro students who are taking English only to meet a requirement and fully expect it to be their “bird” course, or at any rate who are strongly inclined to make it a lower priority than their “hard” courses or the ones they see as more important (often, their science courses).

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