Intimidating witness california

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Intimidating witness california - Online sex

In other cases, we’ve be able to obtain a Governor’s pardon for our clients, restoring their gun rights.For some California misdemeanor convictions, you lose your gun rights for 10 years.

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Code, § 71.) • Threatening certain public officers, appointees, judges, staff or their families with the intent and apparent ability to carry out the threat (Pen.Please note that websites you visit may be viewed by someone else later.Always clear your browsing history after searching the web.Consider using a public or friend’s computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history.• Any person who is adjudged a ward of the juvenile court because he or she committed an offense listed in Welfare and Institutions Code section 707(b), an offense described in Penal Code section 1203.073(b), or any offense enumerated in Penal Code section 29805 • Any person who is subject to a temporary restraining order or an injunction issued pursuant to Code of Civil Procedure sections 527.6 or 527.8, a protective order as defined in Family Code section 6218, a protective order issued pursuant to Penal Code sections 136.2 or 646.91, or a protective order issued pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 15657.03 • Any person who is taken into custody as a danger to self or others under Welfare and Institutions Code section 5150, assessed under Welfare and Institutions Code section 5151, and admitted to a mental health facility under Welfare and Institutions Code sections 5151, 5152, or certified under Welfare and Institutions Code sections 5250, 5260, and 5270.15 .But, if you lost your gun rights because of a felony conviction, don’t give up hope.

Currently, California law has several ways to restore gun rights after a felony.

We know them all, and have helped MANY people restore gun rights after a felony conviction.

We’ve restored many clients’ firearm rights after a felony conviction, by going to court and getting the felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor.

Code, § 76.) • Intimidating witnesses or victims (Pen.

Code, § 136.1.) • Possessing a deadly weapon with the intent to intimidate a witness (Pen.

Code, § 136.5.) • Threatening witnesses, victims, or informants (Pen.

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