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It truly showcases the scope of the platform and provides a safe way for users to store their bank cards and make cash payments on the go in a tech-savvy way,” says Brett Loubser, Head of We Chat Africa.“The service is another way We Chat is merging the online and offline worlds, providing users with seamless payment integration in a single application.

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Transactions through the cards are verified by Visa and Master Card security systems, can be saved in the We Chat Wallet.Cards linked to the wallet can also be used to and increase your wallet’s cash balance, pay for services on We Chat such as airtime, data, electricity, food or pay Snap Scan merchants.People can Cash In and Cash Out at Standard Bank ATMs, participating retailers, including SPAR, SPAR Tops and Cambridge Food Stores.In addition, cash can be sent to friends via We Chat – even without the need for a bank account.When registering for the We Chat Wallet, users automatically become Standard Bank Instant Money users, which allows those without bank accounts to enjoy the benefits of the platform.Instant Money vouchers make up the cash balance, which can be topped up via Standard Bank self-service channels.

People can also Cash In and Cash Out via Instant Money Vouchers at Standard Bank ATMs and participating retailers, including SPAR, Cambridge, Rhino and Choppies Stores.

“The new digital wallet service is We Chat’s most exciting offering yet.

We Chat has extended its features in South Africa with the introduction of the We Chat Wallet, a digital wallet service.

Like a physical wallet, you can securely store your bank cards and make instant cash payments within We Chat with the new feature.

With We Chat Wallet, users can electronically send cash to friends and family, just like handing cash to a friend to get you lunch or pay for coffee or a drinks at the bar.

You can now use up to three chip and PIN debit or credit cards in the We Chat Wallet.

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