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Said Sam Flood, executive producer of NBC Sports: “Mike is an elite talent who can contribute to all of our biggest events.The opportunity to add Mike to NBC Sports Group’s lineup, which is already the strongest in sports broadcasting, was too good to be true.” Tirico has been the voice of ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” since 2006.

(Click here to read our separate report.) Tirico said in the NBCU announcement: “For me, NBC Sports has always represented the highest quality in television sports production, and the chance to now be a part of that is a dream come true.Clockwise from top left: Fred Armisen as Gustave Calderon, Archer; Vivienne “Big Vivvy” Van Kimpton, Documentary Now! Weiss, The Jim Gaffigan Show; Brandon, New Girl; Garry Epstein, Difficult People; and Dead Janitor, Deadbeat.Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom Drums, up on the third floor of a slender building in the Theater District, is neatly organized and surprisingly quiet.A former recording studio retro­fitted for a niche upscale market, it feels exactly like the kind of place Fred Armisen — drummer, self-mocking hipster, TV-­comedy perpetual-motion machine — would recommend for an interview.Armisen doesn’t so much arrive as nonchalantly materialize.His swept-back hair recedes slightly over gray temples — he’s 49 — but his face is ageless and so is his style: chunky black glasses, black Keds, flannel shirt, canvas jacket. ” he asks a manager, before inquiring about kits once owned by jazz greats Joe Morello, Elvin Jones, and Mel Lewis. Tito Puente used to play them, and as Fericito I played them.” Fericito, a manic, gold-toothed timbalist with corny punch lines, was the character Armisen chose to play when he auditioned for Saturday Night Live in 2002.

“When it comes to drums, we’re allowed to name-drop,” he says. “So they’ve been sort of like my good-luck charm,” he says, rolling his fingers over the weathered twin drums: trat, trat, trat-trat-trat-trat.

Armisen owns a kit from the store; he spent seven years drumming in the Chicago post-hardcore band Trenchmouth.

An on-air fixture on ESPN has made a move to NBC Sports Group.

NBCUniversal announced today that it is bringing aboard play-by-play veteran Mike Tirico, who will join NBC Sports Group starting July 1.

“Tirico will work on an array of high-profile properties including ‘Sunday Night Football,’ prime-time television’s No.

1 show for five consecutive years; NBC’s new ‘Thursday Night Football’ series (NBC is the only network with two prime-time NFL packages); the Summer and Winter Olympics; select golf telecasts; and other big events,” NBCU announced.

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