Fiction books about teenage dating violence

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Fiction books about teenage dating violence - Free Online

You knew it would happen one of these days: your daughter is a tween.Maybe you just realized that she’s looking eye-to-eye with you, or perhaps you’re seeing breast budding or other early signs of puberty.

Fortunately, in this post, we have many great books to recommend for both tweens and teens — in addition to numerous helpful resources for parents themselves.If your Mighty Girl is a bit younger, check out our previous post on Body Smart, Body Safe: Talking with Younger Girls about their Bodies for resources for preschoolers and younger elementary students.You can also learn about our recommendations on menstruation-related resources in our post Teaching Your Mighty Girl About Her Menstrual Cycle.This, of course, is the main thing your daughter needs to know: how her body is changing, what to expect, and, of course, that what she’s experiencing is normal.All of the books below will do a great job of answering her (and your!A companion journal, The Care and Keeping of You Journal 1, allows girls to track their moods, figure out their menstrual cycle, and get a sense of their overall health and well-being.

Another popular offering from the American Girl Library, this book focuses on understanding the fluctuating emotions of puberty, including the difference between feeling an emotion and acting on it.

As emotions become more complex, girls often struggle to identify how their feeling; the checklists and quizzes in here will not only help her put a name to her emotions, but learn specific tips for managing them.

) questions, whether she looks at them on her own or you read them together.

has seen millions of girls through puberty, and now it's been updated and divided to apply to even more girls!

This new first volume focuses on physical questions (everything from hygiene to development to selecting the right bra), but principally addresses the concerns of tweens.

Parents should note that neither this volume, nor the other volumes from the American Girl Library, address sexuality or sexual issues.

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