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Facetime sexy girl availabe to chat - Sex Chat

last night, got drunk with my cousin, she and i have been good friends for longer than I can i get stupid and say "can i tell you something." she says "of course." but then i realize it's stupid and i shouldn't say it, plus i got scared that kinda sobered up. "i pause for way longer than i should have "i want to be inside you.""so why didn't you just say you want to fuck me?

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I catchup, she says "you know, i'm a virgin.""me too"i ask if she has any protection, and she says this: "we don't need any.No limits, say ANYTHING u want to her, she will talk filth back, put the phone by her cunt as she wanks it, sucks my prick, will do my posts always get deleted, i hate this place.but i'll keep posting since there's some things i just need to tell someone.first of all, i'm a girl.shut up, no i won't fuck you or send you pics.i've been having sex with my bf now for a couple of months.it was supposed to be a one time thing,but it became so much more.i've been dying to feel you inside me."so, in her bedroom, we get naked and look at each other. she took my dick in her lays down on the bed, and i get between her legs and start sliding my dick in and out of her.

we're looking in each others eyes, and before i know it, i cum inside of was amazing.

but then she whispers to me "your eyes were closed."we did it two more times, and both times i couldn't keep my eyes open. we said we'd keep trying, and she told me to practice keeping my eyes open.today, i was in the mood to masturbate. we ended up facetiming and she wanted a close up as i said that next time we're together, there's definitely going to be a blow job, and i'd better be ready to return the cousin is awesome!

Any UK men or women want a filthy fine wank tomorrow with my slag gf?

here's the thing, i love it when he cums.like, it's the most amazing feeling in the world.

i don't mean feeling it shoot inside me or wherever we aim.

but his body convulses in the most amazing way.i'd actually say i'm very adicted to his orgasms. and tonights gonna be the first time since we started that i'm not going to have him here to cum for me. i've masturbated like 6 times so far, and it's just not good enough.

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