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N as the only source of nitrogen, e.g., in quantitative proteomics such as SILAC.

Depending on the tissue being examined, there tends to be an increase of 3-4 parts per thousand with each increase in trophic level. Similarly, a terrestrial diet produces a different signature than a marine-based diet.An isotopic signature (also isotopic fingerprint) is a ratio of non-radiogenic 'stable isotopes', stable radiogenic isotopes, or unstable radioactive isotopes of particular elements in an investigated material.The ratios of isotopes in a sample material are measured by isotope ratio mass spectrometry. Similarly, carbon in inorganic carbonates shows little isotopic fractionation, while carbon in materials originated by photosynthesis is depleted of the heavier isotopes.In addition, there are two types of plants with different biochemical pathways; the C3 carbon fixation, where the isotope separation effect is more pronounced, C4 carbon fixation, where the heavier plants (corn, or corn-fed beef) by isotope analysis of their flesh and bone collagen (however, to obtain more accurate determinations, carbon isotopic fractionation must be also taken into account, since several studies have reported significant The next phase of understanding, in terrestrial ecosystems at least, seems to be the combination of multiple isotopic proxies to decipher interactions between plants, soils and the atmosphere, and predict how changes in land use will affect climate change.An extension of this research resulted in development of DNA-based stable-isotope probing, which allows examination of links between metabolic function and taxonomic identity of microorganisms in the environment, without the need for culture isolation.there is a 2% difference between O-depleted precipitation in Florida Keys.

This variability can be used for approximate determination of geographic location of origin of a material; e.g.

it is possible to determine where a shipment of uranium oxide was produced.

Isotopic analysis of hair is an important source of information for archaeologists, providing clues about the ancient diets and differing cultural attitudes to food sources.

A number of other environmental and physiological factors can influence the nitrogen isotopic composition at the base of the food web (i.e. For example, in arid regions, the nitrogen cycle tends to be more 'open' and prone to the loss of O ratio shows correlation on the salinity and temperature of water.

As oxygen gets built into the shells of calcium carbonate secreting organisms, such sediments prove a chronological record of temperature and salinity of the water in the area.

Oxygen isotope ratio in atmosphere varies predictably with time of year and geographic location; e.g.

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