Dating the hearing impaired

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Dating the hearing impaired - Online sex

The scammers use deceit to rip off restaurant owners.

On July 24th alone, his business was hit three times.Here's the glitch; the caller fabricates a reason for overpaying the business - either a courier service that must be paid in cash, or the scam artist puts in a follow up call requesting to cut their original order in half.Then the scammer requests that the overcharge be returned or wired to the phony courier service; many times through Western Union. It could be picked up anywhere in the world." These ripoff artists are taking advantage of businesses that want to accommodate persons who are hearing impaired.Michell Truax, Supervisor at Montana's Office of Consumer Protection stated, "The bottom line is, they want you to wire money. Randy Holbrook works for Heartland Payment Systems, which is a credit card processing company.A frustrated Mike spoke not only to his phone service, but to the FBI and the police.He went on to say, "I've been told there's nothing they can do. People need to know this is bad." The scam works in this way...

When a restaurant or business gets a call through a TTY service or Internet Protocol Relay service for the hearing and speech impaired, the caller is can use a device to type in a text conversation that is relayed to the other party through a communications assistant.

The scammers use a computer to simulate the TTY equipment, call a restaurant or business, place an order and provide a credit card number for payment.

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Quote: "The scammers are using algorithms that are formulated to generate credit card numbers with a high likelihood of working.

If something sounds too good to be true it probably is." The scam uses a phone line combined with an effort to pull on the heartstrings of people, as well as a service designed for hearing impaired persons.

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