Dating someone with an addiction

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Dating someone with an addiction - Adult Chat Rooms

Addicts are generally good, caring people who have become lost down a dark road.They are often very pained when they realize the extent of the hurt they have caused their loved ones.

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The sad but true reality is that it is the very nature of addiction to damage relationships.One cannot live with addiction and have healthy personal relationships. There is nothing in your life that will remain unaffected by your addiction.However, your personal relationships are one of the things that will suffer the most damage due to addiction.This is not the addict’s fault, it is merely a fact.Everything about addiction works against healthy personal relationships.Where personal relationships call for reliability, addiction creates unpredictability.

Where personal relationships require selflessness, addiction creates self-absorption.

Where personal relationships require affection, addiction creates abusiveness.

Living with or caring for an addict is incredibly taxing, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

People who have close relationships with addicts often need as much counseling and mental healing as the addict does.

There are times that a relationship with an addict will even go as far as to be traumatic.

The best thing an addict can do for those they care about is seek help for their addiction without hesitation.

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