Dating rituals of the north american wasp

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Dating rituals of the north american wasp - Sex Chat

You were skipping around with that WASPy guy, calling him 'my future husband.' The two of you were all over each other.

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a member of the dominant and the most privileged class of people in the United States. Trying to remove wasp's nests from my children's playcenter, that's where, unconcerned with the ways of the elite.But, I enjoyed reading about some fictional WASP antics in , a new adult fiction book written by Lauren Lipton.Disgruntled because Brock, her boyfriend of seven years hasn't proposed, Peggy throws caution to the wind and gets a little wild during a girls' weekend in Vegas. In her drunken bliss she married a complete stranger, Luke Sedgwick, a WASP from New Nineveh, Connecticut.She leaves her ACME cleaning supply business for a day and drives to New Nineveh seeking an annulment.But then she meets Luke's great-aunt Abigail and receives an unusual offer..she remains married to Luke for an entire year, she will inherit half of the Sedgwick mansion.Desperate to save her own floundering business, she accepts and, as part of the deal, spends each weekend in New Nineveh where she learns the ways of the WASPs.

A romance, a fairy tale, small town niceties and big city glitz. Every so often, especially during the summer, it is nice to pick up a chick lit book.

I read from cover to cover in one sitting and enjoyed escaping into its fantasy.

For those that may be concerned about such things, the romantic parts don't get very steamy at all.

I particularly liked the proud and head-strong 90-year-old Great-aunt Abigail.

Her character made me laugh with her meddling ways.

I also loved the sonnets and verse by Lee Slonimsky sprinkled through-out the book, especially the "Widow in the Woods." Lipton raises social concerns in her book by writing about the effects of big-box retailers on America’s small towns and businesses.

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