Dating physically abused women

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Dating physically abused women - Adult Chat Rooms

Women with extremely poor self esteems feel they deserve to be hit, deserve to be emotionally abused.They frequently are stating, “I will do better.” “What am I doing wrong? ” Yes, these statements frequently induce cold chills in individuals reading this.

Battered woman syndrome can be severe enough to fall into the diagnostic criteria of Post-Traumatic –Syndrome.Again many diagnoses are on a continuum of severity.When a woman is consistently emotionally and or physically abused they are a battered woman. Many have no problem knowing what a battered woman is, or what they go through.We all have had friends or know of someone who has been in this ugly situation.There are commonalities that lean towards higher percentages.When women grow up in an environment where their father is emotionally absent, or there is a history of abuse, we frequently see these women grow up and get involved in abusive relationships.

There are those women that have an excellent childhood with excellent parents, and get manipulated or conned by the husband; as in dating tips where I speak of alcohol abuse.

Does the man your dating need the alcohol to feel more assertive, or more humorous? Women who do not think highly of themselves, or need the man to be an emotional extension are dangerous signs.

The battered woman has extreme difficulty getting out of the vicious cycle of abuse.

A battered woman MUST take some responsibility in her decision making process as well as her past issues for this to occur.

This has never been so true with women, who repeatedly marry or become involved in repeat relationships where they are abused.

Please remember there are no absolute truths in psychology.

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