Dating in the 19 s

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Dating in the 19 s - Online sex

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- Do not request or mention illegal download/streaming services. - Respect the right of other users to share their opinion. Subscribe to Han Cinema Pure to remove ads from the website (not for episode and movie videos) for US$2.99 per month (you can cancel anytime).The first step is to be a member, please click here : Sign up, then a subscribe button will show up.Date Time does not support split seconds (microseconds or milliseconds etc.)I don't know why this isn't documented.The class constructor will accept them without complaint, but they are discarded.There does not appear to be a way to take a string like "2012-07-08 .638276" and store it in an objective form in a complete way.Note that if you are using "double" speech marks around the format string, you will have to further escape each backslash with another backslash!

If you are using 'single' speech marks around the format string, then you only need one backslash.

For instance, to create a string like "Y2014M01D29T1633", you *could* use string concatenation like so: This method involves fewer function calls, so probably is slightly quicker; and also is immune to race conditions if you are not specifying the second argument.

So you cannot do date math on two strings such as: Date Time supports microseconds since 5.2.2.

This is mentioned in the documentation for the date function, but bears repeating here.

You can create a Date Time with fractional seconds and retrieve that value using the 'u' format string.

It isn't obvious from the above, but you can insert a letter of the alphabet directly into the date string by escaping it with a backslash in the format string.

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