Dating for blind people

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Dating for blind people - Sex Chat

For instance there will always be reliance on public transport to get around and you cannot expect your partner to agree to meet you any time, any place at ten minute’s notice.Also when planning dating activities, you have to keep in mind what your partner will and will not enjoy – like instead of going for a tour of your city museum or a classy art gallery, get tickets to a concert or a musical performance for your date.

Likewise find out beforehand if the venue has facilities for the visually challenged like maybe brochures in Braille or a washroom which he/she can use independently.When you are out with a blind person, you may have to get used to stares and whispers since not everyone understands that being different is not a sign of inferiority.Worse still, comments from apparently well-meaning friends or relatives can sound harsh and insensitive when they admire you for taking on the “burden” of a relationship with a blind person.You will either have to simply ignore such insensitive remarks or take your partner’s cue and deal with them as he/she does.Be prepared to make adjustments However all the sensitivity in the world cannot make you wish away certain limitations that dating a blind person will involved.Being visually challenged prevents a person from making use of one of the most important senses.

And yet despite the host of challenges, with practice of blindness skills and availability of facilities for the differently-abled, many blind people are able to lead a fulfilling life.

So if you are thinking of asking someone nice who happens to be blind or are already dating a visually challenged person, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Learn to deal with others’ reactions At the very outset, learn to deal with negative reactions from some people around you.

Explore other senses Even though you cannot plan a date around a visual experience like watching a movie or ballet performance, there are still many senses that you can explore with your partner.

For instance spending a balmy day at a park or a garden will not only enable the sighted partner to partake of the fantastic colors and designs of the flowers and trees but also allow the visually challenged to take delight in the fragrances of the blossoms as well as the fresh feel of the outdoors.

Similarly you can sign up for sculpture or pottery classes for couples where you and your partner can have fun experimenting with the texture and shape of the clay or other materials instead of focusing only its looks like in painting.

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