Dating a non religious person

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Dating a non religious person - Sex Chat

Curious to know cause there are lots of different views about different religions.I'm not a religious person and I respect all religions so I don't have any religious preference in dating or relationships.

This article is intended to help guide you towards making healthy choices.When we first started dating I did not know he had no intentions of telling anyone, until I noticed that every time he wanted to hang out or see me he was sneaking around behind his parents back.When I asked him why he did that he told me it is because he is not allowed to date outside his religion and his parents would not approve.We are still dating but this situation just makes it hard on both of us.I want it to work so bad, I want an honest relationship and he cant give me that. I have hopes that if he tells his parents they will understand and except us, but its not likely.I just wish he would stand up to his parents and tell them where they can go if they don't like it.

But I understand what could happen if people from his congregation find out he is with me. It seems to me at times that he is leading this double life.

He is one person with his Jehovah's witness family and friends and he is a another with me.

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Expert: Gordon Cook - 9/18/2010 Question My boyfriend is a JW and I'm not.

His whole family practices that religion and they seem very devout and conservative.

My boyfriends family does not know we are dating, he keeps me a secret.

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