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Who it’s for: Grades K–5What it’s about: Once a pebble-collecting donkey finds his lucky stone, misadventure begins.

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When he becomes homesick, he wakes up in his bedroom to find his warm supper waiting for him.Who it’s for: Grades Pre K–2What it’s about: Eric Carle’s colorful classic depicts the famished insect eating his way through an apple, two pears, three plums, and a smorgasbord of other treats.Along the way, readers learn about colors and counting — not to mention the life cycle of a caterpillar.For many of you, this shadowy story is a winter must, up there with hot chocolate and mittens.Third-grade teacher Janice Wright explains: “It’s magic.”Who it’s for: Grades K–5What it’s about: Could there be a better Christmas tale than that of a boy lying awake on Christmas Eve who is taken by Santa himself to the North Pole?This Caldecott winner encourages kids to believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Who it’s for: Grades Pre K–2What it’s about: A young bunny tries to stave off sleep by bidding goodnight to every item he can think of, leading himself (and readers! Clement Hurd’s illustrations range from small black and white drawings to full color beauties. Who it’s for: Grades K–3What it’s about: The story of a boy and his mom.

“I can’t help myself, I cry every time I read it,” says editor Hannah Trierweiler. While the mother continues to rock her boy to sleep — even if she must sneak in his bedroom to do so — eventually he will do the same for her. Who it’s for: Grades 2–5What it’s about: This wise and lovely story of the tree that gives her all for love is also a wonderful tale about life transforming the boy that played on her branches to an old man that sits on her stump.

We asked more than 200 teachers, children’s authors, and children’s literature experts to name the best picture books ever. It is “so compressed in its language and so exuberant in its pictures and so psychologically right,” says author Jane Yolen, herself nominated for “I return to it again and again.” So do teachers!

And save up those gift cards — there are surprising must-haves inside.

Max earned three times as many votes as a certain munching insect.

Who it’s for: Grades Pre K–3What it’s about: When Max is sent to bed without his dinner, he imagines an adventure to the land of the Wild Things, where he meets a crowd of fanciful beasts.

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