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Blood type dating japan - Sex Chat

Based loosely in science (with emphasis on loosely — scientists in Japan disprove these blood-type related theories all the time), blood types can effect just about every part of your life, from making friends to getting a date — or even a job.Pervasive as it is, blood type (or ) often comes up in Japanese media, including manga, anime, dramas, and videogames.

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) or a strategy guide (again, wikis are the new Game FAQs) and see a game character’s blood type listed.Editor's note: I've learned so much about Japanese culture since entering the enthusiast press in 2006.I had no idea anyone even cared about blood types beyond the nurses at the local Red Cross and the hospital.Meghan tells us how the Japanese perceive blood types and what this means for character development in Japanese video games.-Jason it’s a long-going trend that helps define and (unfortunately) typecast a person’s personality.Although listing a game character’s blood type seems to be becoming less common now that localization teams realize audiences outside of Asia don’t understand this malarkey, blood types encapsulate and convey the character’s persona in two letters or less.

So what’s your favorite game character’s blood type say about them?

Check the blood type definitions and game-character list after this short history of blood typing in Japan to find out.

(Game character blood type info gathered from game Wikias and Japanese forums.

Definitions and cultural information via The Independent and the BBC).

, both meaning blood type harassment, are good indicators that blood typing is becoming a social problem in Japan.

Instances of such abuse effect work, love and life.

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