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Frank doesn't really like his literature teacher Gerard even though his boyfriend keeps telling him he has a crush. Gerard is a curvaceous sex-deprived citizen with an abusive boyfriend. Gerard's always known that he shouldn't be around when Bert is agitated. In the small town of Seawynne, word travels quickly, so it's not surprising for Matt to bring news of two reclusive newcomers to the breakfast table (or, a table at Walker's Diner) one morning.Something starts brewing between Pete and Mikey; a relationship. Not an hour afterwards, Frank and his pack discovered the two strangers- Gerard and Mikey Way- at the beach.

And all wolves Thirst for blood."- Michael James Way, 1992 Serial Killer AU. ---------------------------“S-sorry Frankie, I-I, y’know, I just, uh--a-hah-ah--”Frank didn’t want to know.Takes place along the course of Mikey and Gerard's relationship, from birth to death. Know what Gerard had been up to, been drinking, been smoking.He just wanted to make it through soundcheck, “Don’t worry about it, Gee,” said Frank quickly, “I got you.” “Love you Frankie,” slurred Gerard, “Fuckin’ re-really, you’re my fuckin’ savior.”“Yeah,” said Frank under his breath, “you too fucker.” ----------------------------- Things seem to be going great for Gerard and Frank until they get a phone call that sends them rushing back to Jersey where they hoped to leave their bad past behind. Will Gerard and Frank be able to get their happy forever or will whoever is causing this mess succeed on ruining it for them? The torture, gristle, body parts, the drunken weakly beating hearts...Now they must figure out what is going on with people getting brutally murder and what is with Franks nightmares he keeps having. (I know not the greatest summary I'm sorry but I'll get better)I suggest you read the first story or you might get really confused if you don't but not necessary if you don't want too. But when he finds out Gerard is friends with the singer of one of his favorite bands he decides to give the guy a chance. But when Bert finds out that his boyfriend was taken by the mafia, he begins to get agitated. Guiding you through the afterlife with a skip in his step, The Stray shows you, frame by bloody frame, the tragic life of Gerard Way. Drummer Branden Steineckert was the person who got everyone together to make music.The area is known for its large Mormon population, not for its incredible punk rock scene, so The Used had a lot of trouble finding venues that would let them play.

The Used's luck changed when they were signed to Reprise Records.

The Used's hit songs include A Box Full of Sharp Objects, The Taste of Ink.

"We used to have a refrigerator that was always empty because all of our money went to barely being able to make rent.

And now here we are living out of a bus and we're able to eat a couple meals a day.

We've got a record in stores, and we're doing what we love for a living.

Frank is in jail Great His roommate in jail is convicted of manslaughter Yay But prison is alot more fun than it sounds *title and idea of prison inspired by Orange is the new Black but the plot isn't really connected :)* "We are all wolves, Living as sheep.

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