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Asp dating software active server - Free Online

In this section you will learn about the different parts of Active Server Pages scripting.We don't want to get too deep in discussion of how to write ASP scripts, but instead just want to introduce the different elements of ASP scripting.

Instead, the program code is parsed, interpreted and evaluated in real-time.This means that you do not have to compile code in order to execute it.Code is executed by placing it within a web page on a Web server.ASP was developed by Microsoft and because of this, is only completely reliable on Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server.) We encourage you to use Microsoft IIS to develop Active Server Page code.A statement is like a sentence in English, it describes one task for the ASP interpreter to perform.Unless you consider the carriage-return as the delimiter, which you really shouldn't.

You can use the colon character ":" within a program block to place multiple statements on the same line such as: In practice, it is best to avoid such programming constructs since it will make your code harder to read and maintain.

Another way to include more than one statement on a line is by using multiple code blocks like in the following: Here, you have two different statements (even though they look like one statement) broken into two different code blocks.

A block of code is made up of multiple statements strung together on a web page.

There are various types of statements which we will talk about in the future including: "(flow) control, output, assignment, and HTTP processing.

In Active Server Pages, it is important to realize that each statement must appear on a line by itself.

There is no special delimiter that indicates the end of an ASP statement.

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