Are ellen page and alexander skarsgard dating

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Are ellen page and alexander skarsgard dating - Online sex

Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page have been dating for a year (who knew?

When we’d lie in the grass listening to Toby practice Rostam’s piano piece. Not that I have anything against hot young guys being huge sluts, it's nice that everyone gets a turn. After a cozy photograph of Ellen Page and her The East costar Alexander Skarsgard made the rounds on social media over the weekend – Tweeted out by the film’s director, Zal Batmanglij, no less – speculation ramped up that the two were an item off-screen. The headline is a question mark for a reason: Because the answer is so obviously "Not." One posed photo and shots of them walking in an airport does not a date make. Alex and Ellen were photographed looking couple-y by their director (for The East) in San Francisco over the weekend, with Alex nuzzling and seemingly kissing Ellen’s head. Christ, I can't believe people really are that gulliable. He's a man whore and could have anyone, and they would be heterosexual. If anything, Ellen is trying to overcome her dyke-dom, and is lying back and taking it.[quote]One posed photo and shots of them walking in an airport does not a date make. Seems like everyone freaked out on yesterday’s Alexander Skarsgard-Ellen Page story.Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard would make such an odd couple that it’s probably too good to be true.Still, it’s fun to speculate that the mismatched pair, photographed together at last night’s LA Kings game, might be more than just hockey buddies.

Rumors have circulated about Ellen’s sexual preference pretty much from the start of her career, and just earlier today we reported that Alexander is dating Victoria’s Secret model Anne Vyalitsyna, so it seems unlikely that these two are romantically involved, but we’d gain new respect for Alexander if he ditched the endless parade of models in favor of a four foot tomboy.

Ellen and Alex recently filmed a movie together, making it that much more likely that they’re friends without benefits, but we’re still holding out hope that Ellen switched teams and immediately landed one of the most lusted-after dudes in Hollywood.


They're everywhere together now, kissing.[quote]Alexander Skarsgård and Ellen Page were in San Francisco yesterday to attend some Q&A events for their recently released movie The East. I thought it was a sweet photo of two people who may or may not be boning, and if I had to put money on it, I would say that they probably are boning.

During some downtime their director, Zal Batmanglij (brother of Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij) snapped this cute picture of the twosome and put it on Twitter. Not all bearding happens because of The Gay, and there have been rumors that he's a huge slut. Seriously, would be the worst thing in the world if Alex and Ellen were boning? They seem like cool people, and they obviously like each other. Well, People Magazine is trying to pander to all of the Skarsexuals and their source claims Ellen and Alex are “just friends”.

Maybe his agent thinks that having a public "girlfriend" would help his career, make him seem more normal and likeable. Some appearances – sweet as they may be – can be deceiving.

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