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College - Rufus Ambose Home - Now Demolished Section B-1 Minden Cemetery: Ambrose Plot: Rufus Ambrose - 23 Jan.

It was built about 1845 by Bates and became the home of J. If you do not find what you are looking for under homes visit our neighbors site. Because the homes site was getting so large, we had to divide it into three sections. For your convenience they are under the previous owners names. The Rock House on the Homer Road had quite a bit of history of MHS alumni. 1988;single marker for Peggy Marie Almond 9 August 1935 death date is blank. US Army WWI double marker Arria 1903-1996 Beloved Wife. This is one of the two oldest surviving houses in Minden. Later his daughter Pearl Mc Donald Fort and her husband Walton Fort lived there, then it was purchased by W.

There is a marker in Section E of the Minden City Cemetery for William Redrick Fogle Jr.

Walton Fort is interred in Section B Southwest & West of the Minden City Cemetery born died 26 Aug.

The house was built by Turner Almond (Class of 1927) around 1937. Almond (Class of 1929--Deceased 2004) to Cortez Garrett. double marker Merle Oneal Almond born died 20 Apr. In the Gardens of Prayer, row14 Walter Almond 17 Jan.

It was the home of Gwendolyn Almond (Class of 1950), Jamie Almond (Class of 1953) and Turner Almond, Jr. Marriages in the home included Gwendolyn to Billy D. In either late 1999 or 2000, the rocks and bricks were removed; the house, garage and barn were all moved to a location just off the Old Arcadia Road (believed to be at the end of Zack Trail) and the original rocks and bricks were replaced. In the Gardens of Memories, Garden of the Good Shepherd, Section 2, there is Ernest V.

Submitted by Turner Almond Almond House on South Broadway The Almond House on South Broaway. Section B, Southwest & West I find a grave for Odis B.

1952; LA PFC 320 BN 82 DIV WW1; Willa Mae Ambrose 1 Mar.

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