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For the second time in history, federal regulators have accused an American state of securities fraud, finding that Illinois misled investors about the condition of its public pension system from 2005 to 2009. " December 2012According to the latest Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook, produced each year by Elroy Dimson, Paul Marsh and Mike Staunton, those who bought Austrian stocks just before the first world war would have sat on losses for 97 years.

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See JER's FTfm article December 2012 Lawmakers head back to Springfield in early January to try to tackle the state’s massive pension crisis.BHS was once one of the biggest names on the high street, but after falling into administration now it faces an uncertain future.In the first edition of The Briefing Room David Aaronovitch finds out whether it could have survived.Interviews with Jeremy Quin MP, JER, and others The coalition government has created a simple way for the richest to avoid paying income tax and to pass on wealth tax free to their grandchildren.See FT website (paywall) See response from Mr Max King Equities do have a higher expected return than inflation-protected bonds, but this is simply a reward for the risk of holding equities, not a “free lunch” or a “loyalty bonus” for long-term investors.See FT website Dutch pension schemes are among the most tightly regulated of any in Europe or North America.

By law, they must hold sufficient assets to cover 105 per cent of promised benefits, unlike those elsewhere allowed to run huge deficits.“ Too many companies continue to take massive bets in their pension funds which they would not dream of taking in their treasury department,” said John Ralfe, who has long warned of the dangers of mismatching assets and liabilities.

“ As a small company supporting a very large pension scheme, Coats should be near the top of the Pension Regulator’s worry list,” Mr Ralfe said.

“ If it were to go bust the PPF would stand to lose about £600m, before any recoveries from selling company assets, one of the PPF’s largest ever hits.” Wall Street creditors are trying to stop Stockton from seeking municipal bankruptcy protection, arguing that the city wants to restructure debts “on the backs of bondholders” rather than trying to reduce its massive pension obligations.

Illinois’ retirement systems have unfunded liabilities of at least $95 billion and counting.

The way UK companies value their pensions schemes could change after a proposal by George Osborne to allow the use of historical interest rates.

Jane Curtis of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries explains why this risks underfunding pension schemes, eventually swamping the existing protection scheme and forcing a bailout by taxpayers.

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