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Background: American actress and model Angell Conwell has appeared in such movies as “Baby Boy” (2001, shared a Locarno International Film Festival Award), “The Wash” (2001), “Soul Plane” (2004), “Show Stoppers” (2008), “Love for Sale” (2008), “There's a Stranger in my House” (2009) and “Frankenhood” (2009).She has also guest starred in the television series “Renegade,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” “3rd Rock from the Sun,” “NYPD Blue,” “City Guys” and “That's So Raven,” among other shows.

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She did not branch out to acting until she moved to Los Angeles in 1994.She currently portrays Leslie in the popular soap opera “The Young and the Restless.” Student Body President Angell Conwell was born on August 2, 1983, in Orangeburg, South Carolina.When she was 2 years old, her family relocated to Columbia, South Carolina.She attended elementary school at Seven Oaks Elementary School in Columbia, where she became the first African American student body president.In 1994, the then-eleven years old Angell headed to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.Perfect Combination Angell Conwell began competing in beauty pageants when she was a child.

She later signed with the Wilhemenia Models children's division, Wee Willys New York, and participated in a number of fashions shows, print ads and commercials.

By age eleven, she had made the move to Los Angeles to chase her ambitions. A., Conwell landed a starring role in the CBS pilot “On Our Own.” Although the pilot remained unsold, she received a two episode role in the CBS comedy series “Dave's World” (19) and portrayed Jackie in an episode of the syndication action series “Renegade” called “Repo Raines” (1995).

She went on to appear in episodes of “Party Girl” (1996), “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” (1998), “NYPD Blue” (2000), “3rd Rock from the Sun” (2000), “The Parkers” (2000) and “Moesha” (2001) before joining the cast of the comedy series “City Guys” in 2001.

In the series, she played Kianna in the episodes “Basket Case,” “Why Y'all Clippin,” “Prose and Cons,” “Prom-Lems” and “Goodbye Manny High.” She also portrayed Natalie in the TV series “Web Girl” (2001).

Conwell made her feature film acting debut in “Baby Boy” (2001), which was written and directed by John Singleton. Later that same year, she played Vanessa in the film “Flossin.” The film starred Tyrone Burton and was co-directed by Jimmy and Todd Bridges.

Playing the supporting role of Kim, the spirited girlfriend of Omar Gooding, she jointly netted a Special Mention Award at the 2001 Locarno International Film Festival. She rejoined Snoop Dogg for the film “The Wash,” which starred Dogg, Dr. With an original budget $4 million, “The Wash” grossed a little over $10 million domestically.

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