An example of radiometric dating

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An example of radiometric dating - Adult Chat Rooms

The main logic of the game is to leave the pile of pebbles with 13, 9, 5 or 1 pebble(s) for the opponent to pick.In the program the starting number of pebbles are set to 17, 21, 25, 29 … etc.

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), reasoning under the situations providing limited or incomplete information etc.AI is practically applied in the field of computer games, expert systems, neural networks, robotics and many other fields of science and technology.In this article we will try to demonstrate a very simple practical example of artificial Intelligence programming in Delphi using Delphi arrays.I have chosen a Nepali game named "GATTA TIPNE KHEL" (meaning pebble picking game) for this purpose.We can see small children playing this game in the playground.In this pebble picking game a pile of some pebbles is kept in the ground.

One of the two players picks one, two or three pebbles at a time in his turn, leaving the pile for the other player to pick for his alternate turn.

In this alternate picking process, the player who picks the last pebble(s) will be the loser and called to be a DOOM in Nepali.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an advance branch of science that studies the process of human thinking and attempts to apply the knowledge to simulate the same process in machines.

As computers are far ahead in the marathon of processing machines, AI is considered to be the branch of Computer Science than that of General Science.

There have been many research and development in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The area of research include speech and pattern recognition, natural language processing, learning from previous experiences (learning by making and correcting mistakes!

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